Corfu, a gem in the Ionian Sea, offers a blend of scenic landscapes, azure waters, and historical wonders. For travelers looking to fully embrace the Corfu experience, understanding the various modes of transportation is crucial. This guide delves into the different ways to navigate the island, ensuring your visit is as smooth as the gentle waves of the Ionian.

Transportation Options in Corfu

Public Buses: The island’s public bus service is both efficient and economical, ideal for those traveling within major towns and tourist spots. However, it’s important to note the limitations in rural areas and less frequent schedules.

Taxis: Taxis are a convenient choice for shorter distances or when other means of transport are unavailable. They’re commonly found in urban and tourist areas, but keep in mind that fares can accumulate over longer distances.

Bicycles and Scooters: Renting a bicycle or scooter can offer an exhilarating way to see Corfu, suitable for short distances and those who love a bit of adventure. It’s a fantastic way to explore smaller areas and enjoy a closer connection with the island’s natural beauty.

Walking: For those in pedestrian-friendly areas like Corfu Town, walking is a delightful option. It allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the island’s charming streets and hidden alleys.

Why Renting a Car is the Best Way to Explore Corfu

Freedom and Flexibility: A rental car provides unparalleled freedom to explore Corfu at your leisure. Discover remote beaches, quaint villages, and hidden spots that are often unreachable by public transport.

Comfort and Convenience: Travel in comfort with a private vehicle, a blessing during Corfu’s hot summers. It’s particularly advantageous for families or groups carrying beach gear or souvenirs.

Cost-Effective for Groups: Renting a car can be economical for groups or families, as it allows cost-sharing and eliminates the need to purchase multiple tickets for public transport.

Safety and Modern Amenities: Our rental cars are not only safe and reliable but also come equipped with modern amenities to enhance your travel experience.


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In Corfu, the freedom to explore at your own pace is key to a memorable experience. While there are several transportation options, renting a car offers the most flexibility and convenience.